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Black Box/Crash Data Recorders/Use in car collision cases/Matt Flournoy an informed Plaintiff's lawyer on black box technology in 2001

Article in Lawyers Weekly USA


Lawyers Weekly interviewed Matt Flournoy on the Black Box/ Crash Data Recorder technology. Many drivers are unaware that their cars have an on board black box that records crash data.

Black Box/General Motors/Judge orders GM to produce data about Black Box or Crash Data Recorder

Article in Trial Magazine published by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA)


In our products liability case against GM the trial Judge ordered GM to produce documents and data on the black box that was in the subject car. We did not trust GM. This data should be available to the owner of the car and not just GM, the manufacturer of the car.

Faculty for Legal Education/Chairperson for Seminar for Lawyers/Georgia Tort Reform Law 2005

Parts of Seminar Program Materials


The Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) asked Matt Flournoy to chair a legal education seminar on Georgia's Newly Enacted 2005 Tort Reform Law. Matt selected the faculty and the topics. Matt spoke also. Over 180 lawyers attended. The Seminar was a great success.

Home Depot/Judge orders Home Depot to reveal injury data on its customers for the past five years/Customer hurt in Home Depot store in Cobb

Article in the Marietta Daily Journal Newspaper


In a pending case of our the Trial Judge ordered Home Depot to disclose their records of customers and employees who were injured in the carpet department in all of its stores. We shared the data with the public

Home Depot refuses to share data it keeps on injured customers/Disclose to public/Investigative report by Media

Editorial in the Atlanta Business Chronicle Newspaper


The Atlanta Business Chronicle was conducting an investigation into injuries and deaths of customers and employees in the stores of Home Depot. Home Depot refuses to disclose how many customers are being injured in its 1,500 plus stores. In our lawsuit against Home Depot the Judge ordered Home Depot to disclose some of this data without being subject to a protective order. Matt Flournoy promised to make this important safety data public. He did. Home Depot claims to be a safe Store. Home Depot should do the right thing and disclose its accidents before government forces it to. Home Depot need to reveal the data on injured customers and share with the public. The Public has a right to know.

Judge Flournoy/Father and Son/Cobb County Superior Court Judges/Father and Brother of Matt Flournoy

Article in the Daily Report, a newspaper for Lawyers, published in Atlanta, Georgia


Robert E. Flournoy, III, the older brother of Matt Flournoy, was appointed to be the new Cobb County Superior Court Judge in 2000. Their Father, Judge Robert E. Flournoy, Jr. was the Chief Judge of the Cobb Superior Court.

Layman's Lawyer T.V. Show

Georgia Pulic Television


Matt Flournoy was asked to appear on this Public Televsion Show. His topic was "How to hire a Lawyer" .

Several Lawyers of the Cobb County Bar Assocation answered phone calls from the viewing public.

Medical Malpractice Reform Passes in Georgia in 2005/Analysis/The New Law is much Broader than just Medical Malpractice Reform

Article in the Marietta Daily Journal Newspaper


A reporter from this Newspaper called Matt Flournoy for his comments on the newly passed Medical Malpractice law in Georgia in 2005.

Medical Malpractice Tort Reform/ Reason Insurance Premiums are high now/Needed Insurance Reform

Article in the Marietta Daily Journal Newspaper


A reporter form this newspaper called Matt Flournoy and interviewed him about Medical Malpractice Tort Reform pending in the Georgia Legislature. Georgia needs insurance reform and not tort reform.

Motorcycle Crash Hurts 13 year Girl, Four Day Jury Trial in the State Court of Cobb County Georgia before Judge Irma Glover.

Article in the Fulton County Daily Report .



James N. Sadd of Slappey & Sadd, assisted by Matthew C. Flournoy of the Flournoy Law Firm of Marietta, won a $600,000 verdict last week in Cobb County State Court for a 13-year-old girl who was crushed by a motorcycle stunt driver as she was getting out of her family car in a parking.

“I call it the case of the amateur Evel Knievel want-to-be motorcycle rider,” said Flournoy, who used that same characterization for the jury in a closing argument. “He had no business trying to be Evel Knievel.”

The driver was James Ballew, part owner of Freedom Power Sports of Kennesaw. The
June 8, 2008, crash happened in the parking lot of the motorcycle and all-terrain
vehicle dealer. The family was attending a promotional event in the parking lot that
featured an inflated “moon walk” tent for children as well as popcorn and snow cones.
Ballew was driving the motorcycle around the lot to entertain in a crowd of 50 people
and attempting a “burn out” at the time.
The jury announced the verdict at 7 p.m. Thursday 2-18-10 after a four-day trial before Cobb
State Court Judge Irma B. Glover. The verdict included $48,348 for medical expenses
associated with the crash, which crushed Breana Chevez between the out-of-control
motorcycle and her mother's Toyota Matrix, and another $550,000 for pain and
suffering. The girl suffered a broken pelvis, vertebrae and ankle, as well as seconddegree
burns from the asphalt where she landed. She had to be airlifted to Children's
Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, where she underwent surgery and treatment.

1. To see the actual verdict form click here.

2. To see Plaintffs' Second Motion in Limine to Exclude Inadmissible Matters click here.



Motor Vehicle Product Liability/Sudden or Unwanted Acceleration/Defective Car/Black Box /Crash Data Recorder

Article in Lawyers Weekly USA


GM refused to disclose the data contained in the Black Box Data Recorder. We filed a motion to compel. After extensive oral arguments the Trial Court Judge ordered GM to disclose to us the secret codes and other data contained in the Black Box. This was a major victory for us and other victims who needed the data from the Black box in other cases. Our case was settled before the jury trial was set to start.

New law passed in Georgia in 2002/Cities and Counties can be held legally accountable when they injure people in Car Collisions/Partial end to Sovereign Immunity/Rusin case in 1992

Article in the Marietta Daily Journal Newspaper


A new law was passed and signed into law in Georgia that would partially end sovereign immunity for cities and counties when they at fault and cause injury to people in car collisions. We worked hard to help pass the new law. We testified before a Ga House Subcommittee on our Rusin case. Our car collision case of Michelle Rusin was one reason why the new law was passed.

Runner are Ambulance Chasers, Educational Public Service Mini Movie, made by Matthew C. Flournoy ( Matt Flournoy), in May 2007 and posted on at this specific URL

Educational Public Service Mini Movie and Editorial Article in the Marietta Daily Journal Newspaper on 6-5-07

June 2007


This is a quote from the Marietta Daily Journal Newspaper ( Marietta Gerogia) Editorial page article dated 6-5-07:

"MARIETTA LAWYER Matt Flournoy has made an educational public service mini-movie called "Runners are Ambulance Chasers." In Georgia, "runners" are paid to solicit victims of motor vehicle wreck cases by corrupt lawyers and doctors.

Flournoy says people do not know such conduct is a crime and hopes his film will change that. You can see the seven-minute video on You Tube ( In the search box type in "33-24-53" or "runnersambulancechasers." Either search term will take you to the film. "33-24-53" is the GA Code section that makes ambulance chasing for pay in Georgia a crime."

This is an e mail dated in May 2007, that I sent to my friends about this Mini Movie:

"Dear Friends,  

1) Ken Shigley and Marty Blackford have inspired  me to make an Educational Public Service Mini Movie called " Runners are Ambulance Chasers". In Georgia,  Runners are still being paid to solicit Victims of Motor Vehicle Wreck cases by corrupt lawyers and doctors. What to do? We complain to each other over lawyers'  list servers. I decided to make an Educational Public Service Mini Movie.  

2) The Problem? The Problem is that people do not know that such conduct is a crime in Georgia that should be reported to law enforcement. My Mini Movie will help educate the public about this important issue.  

3) Where to see the Mini Movie? I have uploaded it to You tube. Go to the Web Site of In the search box type in: 33-24-53 or runnersambulancechasers . Then click enter. Either search term will  take you direct to the Mini Movie. 33-24-53 is the GA Code section that make ambulance chasing for pay a Ga crime. The search term runnersambulancechasers has no spaces between the three words.    

4)  Please watch it. The Mini Movie is less than 7 minutes in length. Please share it with your friends, clients, family,  and others so they will know that it is a crime in Ga that should be reported to Law Enforcement. You can put a link on your web site to it.  

5) It was alot of fun to make using the software program called "Movie Maker".  My Mini Movie is not a power point slide show presentation.

  6) Your positive feedback is appreciated. You can now call me "Matt Cecil B. DeMille Flournoy".   "



Seminar for Lawyers on Car Collisions/Georgia Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA)/ Sources of Insurance to help your client

Seminar Program for the Georgia
Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA) Annual Seminar for 1997


GTLA held its annual seminar on the topic of Motor Vehicle Wrecks. Matt Flournoy was invited to speak on the topic of Finding all the Insurance for your Client.

Sovereign Immunity/ Legislation in Georgia to partially end the Sovereign Immunity Defense in Car Collisions

Article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper


In 1996 Legislation was introduced that would partially end sovereign immunity for cities and counties when they cause car collisions. We testified before a House Sub Committee in favor of this bill. This bill finally was passed into law 2002.



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