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1. Here is an article published in the Marietta Daily Journal Newspaper in 1997 about Flournoy Bocce Parties and the fun people who are invited to play.. Bocce_Court_Packs_them_In_1997

2. Here is article written by Joe Kirby, now the 2013 the Editor of the Editorial page and Columnist of the Marietta Daily Journal Newspaper, that was published in the same newspaper in 1995 about Flournoy Bocce Party and the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.Bocce_ready _for_Olympics_MDJ_1995

3. Here is a Group Bocce photo of the Bocce Party on 6-23-2012. Group Bocce Photo 6-23-2012

4. Here is a Group Bocce photo of the Marietta Kiwanis Club Bocce Party on 8-23-2012.Group Bocce Photo Marietta Kiwanis Club 8-18-2012

5. Flournoy Bocce Instructional Video on 5-27-12.

Bocce Instructional Video Movie 5-27-12.wmv

Joanne Flournoy filmed this Flournoy Bocce Instructional video at our Home Bocce Court at Marietta, Georgia on 5-17-12.

Bocce Guestsare encouraged to view this Video and to read the written Rules of Flournoy Bocce and Definitions of Terms. It is important to be prepared for Flournoy Bocce Play.

Please watch and Enjoy.

Joanne Flournoy and Matt Flournoy ( aka Matthew C. Flournoy)
Marietta, Georgia.

6.. Here are the Rules and Definitions of Flournoy  Bocce as of  9-2002


7. Here is the YouTube video of the Flournoy Bocce backyard preparation for the Bocce Party Season for 2012. Enjoy.

Bocce Backyard Prep 5-19-12 movie.wmv


8. Here is a Bocce Ball Marietta Georgia Kiwanis Club Party Mini Movie on 8-18-12 that we made and posted on YouTube. Enjoy.


Description: YouTube

Bocce Ball Marietta Georgia Kiwanis Club Party the Mini Movie on 8-18-12.wmv


9. Syllabus for Civil Litigation One andTwo for Paralegal Program at Chattahoochee Techical College at the Marietta Georgia Campus


10.  Motor Vehicle Crash should not be called Accidents.

We want to share with you this Article called "Crashes Aren't Accidents" from the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (US DOT/NHTSA).

Word usage is very important.


Please read the following short US DOT/NHTSA article for the logic behind this important word distinction and usage:



"Crashes Aren't Accidents" Campaign


by Pamela Anikeeff, Traffic Safety Programs


On June 8 [1997], at the opening of the Lifesavers/15 Conference in Orlando, Florida, Administrator Ricardo Martinez, M.D., with Secretary Rodney Slater kicked off the new nationwide campaign "Crashes Aren't Accidents". The Campaign was initiated by Administrator Martinez to encourage removal of the word "accident" from our vocabulary. The campaign kickoff featured a poster sized Proclamation (see box) announcing the "Crashes Aren't Accidents" campaign which was signed by the Administrator as part of the ceremony. In a short time, numerous organizations representing thousands of supporters joined the Administrator and literally "signed onto" the Proclamation as well.


A Crash Is Not an Accident


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